Trusts and Estates Administration

We have extensive experience in administering sophisticated estates and trusts, which prepares us to assist clients in the most tax-efficient and beneficial ways to fulfill the terms of the governing document.

We assist clients in administering estates and trusts immediately from inception. When clients pass away, we begin assisting family members, beneficiaries and fiduciaries to ensure that they are properly advised of their rights and obligations and that the estate is properly, efficiently and promptly administered. Where necessary or appropriate, we advise clients regarding potential and actual litigation regarding estate, trusts and related matters. In the course of representing estates, we probate the will (or commence an intestacy administration proceeding if there is no will), and we help to marshal, preserve and value all of the decedent’s assets. We prepare all necessary estate and trust tax returns (income tax and estate tax) and we advise our clients on numerous related income tax matters. Upon completion of an estate or a trust administration, we prepare an accounting of the fiduciaries’ actions and work with the fiduciaries to settle the account and have the fiduciaries released from liability, either with or without court action, depending upon the circumstances.